I am a Horse.
I am a Virgo.
I am dynamite.

My name is Francie, well Frances, but I share the name with both grande-meres, so I became Francie. I have also been know to turn my head to Fran-cel-la, Frenchie, Francine, Francesca, Frankenberry, Frankie, and Francita*. I am a designer, photographer, collect-er, sometimes knitter, covet-er, art maker and lover.

*Notably, I’ve had a Bard College intramural softball team (Fran) named after me, a mockumentary (Keep Fran Drunk) filmed about me, and Barbie’s “Modern Cousin” Francie was named after me (We were born the same year, so . . . yeah).

As a Horse, I am . . . very quick-witted and right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you were saying;  on to the thought in your mind even before you’ve expressed it. This permits the Horse to forestall any arguments that anyone can dream up.
With the Horse, movement is everything. Freedom and independence are as essential to Horse-born people as the air they breathe. A low boredom threshold, both in terms of interests and friendships, is characteristic of those belonging to this sign, and adds a whimsical quality to the otherwise levelheadedness of these folk. Consequently, they tend to act on impulse, and this means there is an element of unpredictability about them.
Resourceful and self-confident, Horses approach all things enthusiastically. Quick-witted and mentally alert, they are quick to catch on and efficient in all their undertakings. Because of this ability, this dexterous and incisive mind of theirs, they can make accurate judgments and sound decisions instantaneously.
As a Fire Horse—Under influence of the Fire element, he is flamboyant and itinerant, excitable and hot-blooded, with superb intellect and great personal magnetism, trying to bring about change through force and sheer willpower. He is easily distracted and volatile and too inconsistent for repetitive or boring tasks. He has flair, wit and charm, needing a great deal of spice and variety in his life. He loves travel, action and change and works best when in charge as he does not tolerate supervision well. His gifts are ingenuity and resourcefulness but not perseverance.
As a Virgo, I am all of the above and then some. It is said that we are nit-picky, fussy and skeptical. Yes, we are. But we are very proud to be so, because it means we are also analytical problem-solvers. For good or ill, we are perfectionists. It’s a blessing and a curse.
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