business card trio

When looking for imagery for for her general business card I looked to her name:

Meyer Definition: From the Middle High German word “meiger”, meaning “higher or superior”, often used for stewards of landholders or great farmers or leaseholders—today a Meier is a dairy farmer.

How would you represent superiority? Steward? None of the above applied to my client, but the dairy farmer gave me an idea—Milk. Cool, flowing milk. Its beautiful and nourishing.

So, a glass of milk became the visual backdrop.



Well this card designed itself—I like their logo, and there’s no mistaking the aim—follow my blog! Mimicking the rounded corners of the logo completes the visual look while being a physical reminder that you grabbed the right card.

DM Bloggera

I couldn’t resist, so I didn’t. DM CE BCa


I wish I could re-design her book cover! I love the image, but the type treatment does not do it justice.



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